Window Shutters: An Energy Efficient Choice

Posted On 22nd February 2023 In Bespoke shutters

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There’s plenty of reasons window shutters are so popular. From their external aesthetic appeal to their ability to transform indoor spaces. There’s another benefit too that’s never been more valuable – window shutters are incredibly energy efficient.

According to the Department of Energy, window coverings can reduce energy loss by up to 25% in the winter and up to 77% in the summer. This means that installing new window shutters can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills. Shutters can regulate indoor temperatures throughout the year, reducing the need to overwork your air conditioning or heating systems.

How do window shutters improve energy efficiency?

Shutters regulate indoor temperatures by controlling the amount of light and air that enters and leaves your home. This provides a source of insulation. The shutter panels and frames act as an extra layer between the glass and the interior of the home, helping to reduce heat transfer. This means that during the summer, the interior of your home will stay cooler. During the winter, the shutters help to keep the heat in.

Of course, how you use your shutters will have an impact on heat and light transference. Shutters give you the flexibility to adjust the amount of light and air you’re letting in whenever you want, thanks to their adjustable louvers (slats). This again reduces the need for artificial lighting and heating. For example, during the summer, you can open your shutters to allow plenty of natural light and heat to enter your property. Then during the winter you can close the cold out.

Materials matter too

In addition to their insulating properties and their adjustability, a lot of window shutters are made from materials with energy efficiency in mind. By using materials designed to reflect light and heat, manufacturers are very aware of the importance of the role shutters can play in reducing your energy consumption.

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What are you looking for from your shutters?

Here we’ve looked at an important benefit of installing new shutters – energy efficiency. And for some people this may be the biggest influence on whether they invest in new shutters. For others though, it may be much lower down the priority list.

It’s no secret that bespoke shutters look great. Just look at how they’ve transformed these spaces:

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Maybe being the envy of the street means more to you than energy savings. Or maybe you want that feeling from sitting comfortably in your lounge whilst you admire its new look. Don’t forget too that shutters can make your indoor environment more peaceful by reducing outside noise.

Over the course of our next few blogs we will be exploring each of these benefits so that you can make an informed choice as to whether shutters are right for you and your home, so come back soon!

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