Shutter Materials

Our shutters are available in a range of materials to suit every budget, style and taste. They’re manufactured to a very high standard and built to last.

During the manufacturing process, the wood used for every shutter is specially stored, dried, and treated to minimise the risk of warping and twisting which can occur in natural materials.

The premium hardwood ranges are lighter than shutters, crafted from MDF, and provide a wide range of colour and stain choices.


This popular shutter range is both elegant and hard-wearing. Antigua is our EWC range, made from a combination of a specially formulated moisture-resistant MDF with a laminated wood core for the ultimate damage resistance and structural integrity. The high-quality, wood composite is covered in a patented polypropylene (PP) coating with a UV inhibitor, giving extra protection against scratching, chipping, staining and heat damage. The wood used to produce the MDF is sourced from sustainable plantations in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, and the MDF used has extremely low formaldehyde E0 rating.


Bermuda is a hybrid of Java and Antigua, featuring robust MDF frames and panels with hollow, lighter ABS louvres. Inside each louvre shell is a hidden structural support system inspired by the design of the wing spars of an aircraft. The exclusive reinforced design creates a louvre that is substantially stronger and more rigid, and creates the neatest slat closure. Each louvre undergoes multiple sanding and painting sequences for an impeccable finish.


Cuba blends premium hardwood shutter panels with frames made from a eco-friendly engineered wood composite (EWC), for a more accessible and luxurious range of wood shutters. The panels are custom crafted from 100% hardwood using premium quality timbers from qualified sustainable sources. The specialised hardwood makes the shutter panels lighter allowing multiple hinged panels, which are mounted to robust EWC frames and make this range an ideal solution for large expanses.


Our most versatile range of hardwood shutters. Its reduced weight makes it perfect for covering large window expanses and glass ceilings. It can also be crafted into any shape, it is available in a vast array of colours, and it’s our only range to achieve stain and Osmo finishes. When stained or treated with an Osmo finish, Fiji shutters are made from Paulownia, a sustainable hardwood which reaches maturity in 7-10 years. Its distinctive grain is ideal if you love natural textures. Painted Fiji shutters are made from a mix of three premium hardwoods.



Our most robust range of shutters is made from ABS which is very strong and is also used to make motorcycle helmets, not only are they incredibly durable they’re also 100% waterproof! This range of shutters is ideal for high-humidity rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as children’s play areas where knocks and bumps are likely to occur. Finished with stainless steel hardware that won’t rust or corrode over time.



Our Sumatra range is made from the finest quality FSC certified white teak from the Soloman Islands. It has a beautiful tight uniform wood grain and offers the widest range of options.

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